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downloadI work from home, so I spend a lot of time listening to music, podcasts and general internet stuff. So when I get a chance to test and talk about a new speaker that can make my work, and fun, a little better you can bet I’m on it!

So the UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker came across my desk and was quickly used… and I do mean used. It was synced to my Samsung phone and tablet and used on my deck, my desk, my patio, my boat, in my garage, and just about anywhere else I could take it.

Check below for some more observations and specs, and a way to WIN ONE (see below for details)!


The design of the UE Roll is odd but effective. It’s a “flying saucer” shape about the size of a CD (you remember those, right) with a marine-grade bungee cord on the back from which to hang.

The front features two large + and – buttons for volume and other functions on a IPX7 waterproof cover. The speaker has been tested to be submerged in 3.3 feet of water for over 30 minutes so don’t hesitate to take this thing to the pool, beach or even the shower.  To fit your mood, the speaker comes in six different designs – Sugarplum, Sriracha, Volcano, Atmosphere, Pinata, and Reef.

The back is a rubber for easy grip and more waterproofing. The power button and micro-usb charging port are covered and waterproof for those times when they are left open.


For a speaker only 5″ in diameter the UE Roll has a great sound from the driver and two tweeters. There’s a good amount of bass coming all angles of the speaker and both music and spoken word media come through with amazing clarity. Best of all, it really doesn’t matter where you are in relation to the speaker as the sound is multidirectional so you hear the same thing from the back, as the side, as the front.

Another great feature is the ability to connect to two (2) speakers at the same time. So if you want sound in two different places in the pool, in the garage and the patio, or just want a more dynamic sound, connect to a couple of these great speakers and share the sound.


The UE Roll is connected via Bluetooth and can handle connections to multiple devices at the same time at distances of up to 65 feet. So if you’re using this at the beach the phone doesn’t have to be anywhere near the water! Don’t have a bluetooth device around for your music? No problem! The UE Roll has a speaker plug built in so you can use your classic iPod or desktop computer to control the sound on the Roll.

The UE Roll can also be controlled and updated via a mobile app on your Android or iOS phone or tablet.

download-apple googlePlay




The battery for the UE Roll will outlast most of your outdoor adventures. It’s a totally encased 9-hour battery that’s charged through a micro-USB cable, so you can charge from your laptop or one of the dozens of USB devices lying around your house. To find how much battery you have left, simply hold down the plus and minus keys at the same time and you will be told an approximate battery percentage left through the speaker.

Summary and UE Roll Giveaway!

This device far outkicked it’s $99.99 retail price! I used it in a variety of settings playing a variety of media and it handled everything with flying colors. As a DJ, it doesn’t live up to a full sound system setup, but if you need something to keep everyone entertained at the picnic, bonfire, outdoor chore or pool, you really can’t do better than this little device from UE.

So you want one now, right? Well, we received TWO UE Rolls from Verizon and would like to give one away!

It doesn’t get any easier to win. Just enter a comment below and we draw a random winner from the list. That’s it! So enter a comment below to get signed up and maybe you can win one of these wonderful UE Roll Speakers!  Winner will be selected on Friday, October 30th at 2:30pm. Good luck!

It's only fair to share...
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