George-Takei-Oh-Myy-ebook-coverCaptain’s log, stardate 68486.3.

“We have entered a strange system where an Ancient, previously thriving society, has been overrun by smaller, more advanced tribes. In an effort to make peace with the other tribes, or perhaps to recruit tribal members over to the Ancient’s side, an Elder was brought in to initiate communications. The Elder was to use communicate with his vast following which reached across all of the tribes in the system by providing information and humor.

This Elder is the most recent in a long string of elders propped up by the Ancients in an attempt to appear progressive in the eyes of the other tribes. While I feel this initial communication will be successful, it will most likely not last and will backlash on the ancients.

And yet, I am strangely drawn to this podcast… I mean sermon by the Elder. His strange accent and cadence pull you in and his humor and intelligence are intoxicating. Because of this, we will boldly go where no man has gone before. This is the Next At Microsoft Podcast Episode 1, featuring George Takei.  Warp speed, Mr. Sulu.”

Below is a preview of the episode with Mr. Takei.  Listen to the full episode at