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snowfootballWell, this is what my football season has come down to.

Looking at the remaining teams in the NFL playoffs, it’s just more depressing the deeper I look.

Let’s just start with the easy ones; the AFC.

As a former Raiders fan it’s impossible for me to cheer for two teams… the Denver Broncos, and the New England Patriots.

The Broncos?  Well let’s just say that decades of intense rivalry games have left an imprint on my psyche.  There are too many residual feelings of ill-will to ever wish them well, even with Peyton Manning at QB, who I loved as a Colt.

And then there’s Bill Bellicheat, Tammy Brady, and the Patriots.  This is an example of success breeding animosity, especially when some of that success comes at the expense of Charles Woodson and the Raiders courtesy of the “tuck rule,” which was recently repealed after Al Davis’s death.  Coincidence?  I THINK NOT!

Now over to the NFC.  I’m going to type this slowly so there’s no change of anyone misunderstanding me.  I   D O  N O T  L I K E  T H E  S E A H A W K S!  I don’t like their uniforms.  I don’t like their fans.  I don’t like their coach.  I don’t like their stadium. I don’t like their Legion of Juice defensive backfield.  Did I mention I don’t like their coach?

And that leaves San Francisco.  I love the way this team plays football.  They play tough defense.  They run the ball.  They have exceptional receivers and tight ends.  Their QB is entertaining and maybe a little over rated. I know, he got them to a Super Bowl and now the NFC Championship.  Not sure it was his doing.  My problem is simple.  I don’t like the coach.  I LOVE coaches that get into the game.  Jon Gruden was a personal favorite because he was engaged with his players, the officials, the other team… anyone within earshot.   But Jim Harbaugh is a gas can.  He wears cleats because he lost his footing on the sidelines DURING A PLAYER FIGHT.  The NFL has a rule governing sideline discipline and it’s called the Harbaugh Rule because he’s always leaving the sidelines.  He’s constantly whining and working the officials in dramatic fashion.  If they could get this guy to calm down a bit they’d be my guys.

So what’s a guy to do?  The Super Bowl is looming in just a few weeks and I really don’t care who, or really if anyone, wins.  I’ll have seen most of the commercials before the game thanks to the internet.  The halftime show is always a fiasco, so I’m expecting Bruno Mars to follow suit, even with the RHCP joining him.  I’m pretty sure the Puppy Bowl is rigged, “In Living Color” isn’t on anymore so they won’t have a halftime show, and there aren’t any NHL games that evening.

refI’m left with two things.  The weather and the officials.  I’ve been extremely critical of the officials this year.  They’ve been given a bad set of rules to enforce, and are doing a horrible job in my opinion.  And I’m not alone. The league has had to apologize on several accounts this year as officials have made game-changing mistakes.  It’s almost like the replacement officials set the bar so low that the “regular” officials thought, “why the hell are we even trying?”  So they’re out.

So it’s the weather, then.  All I have left to root for is that a big storm hits the NY/NJ area before, during and after the Super Bowl causing the worst football game ever played in front of the smallest crowd in Super Bowl history.  It will serve the NFL right for taking this sort of risk when they have beautiful warm weather destinations and domed stadiums.

As for those of you who have teams still playing with a shot at the Super Bowl, good luck.  I hope your team wins and gets to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.  Now pardon me while I resume watching the NHL game on channel 630.

It's only fair to share...
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