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Only a few months ago, I posted on this very blog that the HTC One M8 was “close to perfection.” 

A few weeks ago, I received the update to the M8, the HTC One M9 with service from Verizon to review and compare to a very good device.

At first glance, the M9 is the same phone as the M8. There are slight differences in the bezel and coloring, but the M9 features the same, sleek aluminum body, front facing speakers and smooth operating system remain the same.  Let’s talk some more details.


One thing I was NOT fond about on the M8 was the slippery aluminum body. HTC addressed this with a new design to have a ridge along the side of the device which makes it easier to hold. The chassis itself is a beautiful dual-metal unibody featuring aluminum color with gold accents on the side, making this one of the more aesthetically pleasing smartphone around.


The wonderfully placed front facing speakers are back with the M9. They feature HTC’s Boomsound™ with Dolby Audio™ technology which outperforms every other on-board speaker system around. I am also a fan of the bottom headphone jack, which just seems like a better place to me.

2015-05-17 23.41.18Camera

For some reason, the M8 had a WAY better camera in the front than in the back. So your selfies looked better than your portrait or landscape photos. Not anymore! The M9 has upgraded the main camera to 20MP with a durable sapphire cover that even takes 4k video. And don’t forget about the Zoe photo software that gathers collections of photos and videos and puts background music and special effects to it.


Everyone likes to customize their phone, just look at the number of phones with blinged-out phone covers, but changing the look and feel of your actual operating system has been difficult for most users. The built-in HTC Themes has fixed this by having some pre-programmed (and customizable) themes that quickly change your phone’s ringtone, logos, dialer and more.

Uh Oh Protection

Show of hands; who has NOT broken a cell phone? That’s what I thought. Most of us have cracked a screen, has some water damage or any number of accidents. With HTC Uh Oh protection all you have to do is call support, pick a shipping method and get a new phone.

List of Specs

Enough of the commentary, want to know the full list of specs? Check out the full list at Verizon Wireless’s HTC One M9 page. But a few more that you may find important are :

  • Dimensions : (w) 2.74″ x (h) 5.69″
  • Screen : 5″ Super LCD3 Gorilla Glass Display
  • Battery : 2840mAH battery. Usage Time Up to 20 hrs. (I have found this to be fairly accurate with my usage)
  • Storage : 32GB on board.
  • OS : Android Lollipop 5.0

What Do I Think?

I’ve been using the HTC One M9 as my primary phone for a few weeks now and have found it to be an awesome device. I can’t give it a perfect score, as the single flaw for my day-to-day use is the width. I love the extra real estate with the Samsung Note series, but I quickly got used to the M9’s layout due to the ability to shrink fonts and on-screen apps because the screen is just so sharp. The battery generally keeps up with very active usage including being my work and personal phone, my media system for music and podcasts, several email and social media accounts, and more. And finally, the performance of the media pieces such as the camera, speakers and display are impressive. I’ll give the HTC One M9 a 4.5 out of 5. That score of 5 is waiting, HTC. All you need to do is expand that screen just a little bit.

More Stuff

If you already own the HTC One M9 or are thinking about purchasing one, here are some more resources that discuss some tips and tricks, some issues and how to overcome them, and more.

Make sure you follow me @BeBizzy on Twitter to continuously get tips about the M9 and other mobile and social media apps and trends.

And now, to wrap this all up. Have you seen the odd string of HTC One M9 commercials featuring none other than Robert Downey Jr.? Prepare to be confused!

I know, what the heck just happened? Anyways, do you have the HTC One M9, or have some questions on this device? Please let me know in the comments below or on Twitter! Enjoy the HTC One M9, I know I will!

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, I received the HTC One M9 and with line of service from Verizon. No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise a positive review. All opinions are my own.

It's only fair to share...
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