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bc6bb980bbfb9e42b8577c5e9fc8e96bOne of the things that both amaze and confuse people I meet for the first time is when I tell them I’m a DJ.  It’s even more amazing to them when I tell them this mild-mannered IT manager spent over 20 years in nightclubs spinning everything from vinyl, to cassettes and VHS tapes, to CD’s, and now digital music and videos.

Technology has made DJ’ing a whole different game.  On my PC I can download hundreds of songs and music videos through my Promo Only subscription service.  All of the music is already tagged with beats per minute (BPM) and genres making it easy to sort.  In seconds I can find it’s specific key with Mixed In Key so when I mix the music it sounds even more seamless.  My VirtualDJ software gets me access to thousands of songs on a huge hard drive and interfaces with my controllers to play music and videos to hundreds of people nearly every weekend.

But who needs a PC in today’s world, right?

Aside from my main music computer, I pretty much run my DJ business from my smart phone.  My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is used for everything including web updates, social media posts, expense tracking, music research, and a backup music player.

I thought I would share just a few of the apps and hardware I use to run BeLoud Entertainment.

Business Apps

  • Milebug – Great way to track mileage to and from gigs and meetings.  One of my favorite features is the export data feature.  It has saved me a couple of times when I’ve had to reset or change phones.
  • Shoeboxed – One of my favorite business apps.  It’s extremely easy to track expenses by taking photos and uploading them into the Shoeboxed system.


  • Griffen DJ Cable – Ever wanted to bring a phone or tablet into a mixer, but you needed to have two channels?  This Griffen DJ Cable plugs into the headphone jack and lets you use various DJ softwares to to play two channels of music.
  • Micro USB OTG Cable – Need a little more memory than your phone can handle?  Hook up this OTG cable and get almost unlimited space.
  • Jackery Portable Charger – Although the Note 3 has excellent battery life it’s always good to have some spare power.  I purchased a Jackery Portable Charger months ago and take it when I go fishing, on the motorcycle and especially when I am out at a gig… just in case.


  • MailDroid – Like many of you, I have several email accounts.  MailDroid makes it easy to customize the experience for each email account.
  • Google Voice – Having a separate business number I can hand out that rings directly to my phone is a great feature.  And like most Google products, it’s free.
  • Hootsuite – Like email, I manage several Twitter and Facebook pages.  I often post comments and photos live from the gigs and Hootsuite makes it easy to post to multiple destinations quickly.

Music & Media

  • Amazon MP3 – Music played by DJ’s have to be purchased legally, so when I get a request for something I don’t have, Amazon MP3 is the first place I go.
  • Camera ZOOM FX – I like the stock camera app in Android, but Camera ZOOM FX offers an easier zoom, built-in effects and some other features.
  • Cross DJ – Nothing scares me more as a DJ than equipment failure.  I would hate to have my computer go down without a viable backup.  So I carry a laptop and backup hard drive. But my “third” line of defense is my smartphone.  It’s loaded with all the music I would need to get through the night.  But without my Griffen DJ Cable and Cross DJ it would be tough to run separate music channels into the mixer and headphones.

There are dozens of other apps that I could talk about, but these are the core applications I use to run BeLoud Entertainment.  The large, bright screen along with great battery life and excellent processing power make the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 a powerful tool that helps me run a very successful business from anywhere.

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, I received the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with line of service from Verizon. No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise a positive review. All opinions are my own.




It's only fair to share...
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