Should I Buy A Laptop or Tablet?

Should I Buy A Laptop or Tablet?

macbook-924015_960_720A few years ago it was professed that the tablet was going to rapidly replace laptop and desktop computers as the device of choice for both businesses and consumers.

Late last year and earlier this year tablets were proclaimed dead by dozens of tech writers.

So who’s right?

Ummm… both?

Here’s the deal. Computers are content creation devices. Tablets are content consumption devices. Make sense?

Why Buy a Laptop?

Laptop_and_computersMost of us own or have used laptops are work or at home. They are wonderful devices that allow you to take work virtually anywhere, especially if you can get online through Wi-Fi connections or using a mobile hotspot (my Verizon hotspot has saved me MANY times). The main benefit of the laptop is that you can do almost anything on them, including basic business tasks like spreadsheets, word documents, web surfing and the like, as well as photo, video and audio editing, coding, database work and more.

And, if you’re willing to pay slightly higher than the price of decent tablets, you can load a laptop with tons of RAM, processor power and HDD space. Laptops are also fairly easy to connect multiple devices like external monitors, HDD’s and other memory, keyboards, speakers, wired networks and more. Weight and thickness has also come way down for most laptops, even those with larger screens.

If there’s one thing against laptops, it’s battery power. Some laptops run at a lower power to save battery, but you lose some of the processor power when that happens. Batteries can drain quickly during travel or when working remotely. More expensive laptops pack in a bit more power but that can add weight, and even heat, which takes away some of the portability features demanded by certain users.

Why Buy a Tablet?

ipadTablets are becoming very common for both business people and home users, but they do lack a bit of the power possessed by their laptop cousins.

First, let’s look at the consumer-level usefulness. Tablets are perfect for sitting down and listening to music, watching TV shows or movies on Netflix, listening to pocasts, reading magazines or playing games, surfing the web, reading emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… all the ways we consume content. If you are looking for something to do this, it’s hard to find a better technology than the iPad or Android tablets like the Samsung Note 10.1.

Now let’s look at the business side. I’ve know plenty of people who have tried, and failed, at using their tablet to conduct their business. Most of the time it’s due to needing and/or wanting to do too much for the device to handle. Here’s what you’re NOT going to be easily able to do on your tablet. Code, create/edit spreadsheets, edit graphics, sound or movies, and connect easily to most business display systems such as projectors or televisions.

As far as where the tablets are awesome on the business side there are these aspects of business. Meeting notes, online presentations, multiple email accounts, tasks, project management, file viewing and sharing, and specific monitoring tools like Google Analytics.

So, it comes down to this. My wife surfs the web, reads her Nook, does social media like Facebook and Twitter, plays some games and looks at some coupons in her email. A tablet is perfect for her.

I create pivot tabled Excel sheets, monitor numerous email accounts, create graphics and manage websites, and share my screen during online meetings. When I leave the comfort of my office a laptop is often the weapon of choice. However, if I’m running out to meet with a bride or prospective client, view an online meeting, communicate via Skype or Hangouts, or even travel, I take my tablet.

What About the 2-In-Ones?

maxresdefaultThere’s a new class of device that’s beginning to grab some market share, especially on the Windows side of the arena, called 2-In-Ones. These devices offer a slightly stripped down version of the powerful laptop, throws in some extended battery and a smaller keyboard, a touch screen, and a few ports to extend the capabilities. I own an Asus that serves as one of these devices, and while the screen folds 360° to become a tablet (the keyboard shuts off and Windows changes to a tablet mode), I find the size and weight to be a bit of a challenge, However, there are new devices like the Surface Pro 4, the new Samsung Galaxy TabPro S (the first device I have gotten really excited about in a while), and even the iPad Pro 12.9″ and 9.7″ that are pushing this category towards being more useful.

So, Which One Should I Buy?

The bottom line is that you might want both, especially if you’re a business professional that goes out of the office for meetings or an executive that mostly needs to consume data instead of create it.

If you’re ever going to need to work with graphics, audio, video or even large, complete spreadsheets, it’s hard to bet against the Windows or Mac laptop. Sometimes you just need the extra power.

But if you’re mostly going to be consuming information from websites, Webex meetings, documents or other media, I would recommend the tablet.

Final Things to Consider

One more thing to consider on both of these devices is your connection. The tablet is there to consume media and web traffic. Getting it attached to your cellular plan as an LTE device is a great thing if you’re going to be working in areas void of available Wi-Fi. These can include the great outdoors, some restaurants, and even on the road. But the reality is that most people, both business and general consumers, will have access to Wi-Fi much of the time.

Our homes, at airports and hotels, places of business, and even many bars and restaurants have connections available to users. Just make sure you are using protective measures such as not sending financial or other critical business data over these connections unencrypted or otherwise protected.

If you have questions or comments on tablets and laptops, please leave them in the comment section below or shoot them at me on Twitter @BeBizzy.

Then, leave the technical stuff to us!


Mobile Friendly Sites SEO Rank Increased

Mobile Friendly Sites SEO Rank Increased

SEO_DiceGoogle recently announced that in May 2016 mobile friendly sites will get a bit of a boost in SEO rankings. This could turn into a long-winded explanation on how to increase your site’s SEO or make the site mobile friendly, but really it comes down to this.

Mobile use of search and the rest of the web is on the increase. ComSCORE has stated that internet users on desktop was equaled and then passed by mobile users in 2014. So it makes sense that search giant Google would start to take mobile-ready sites into account on search engine results, especially to mobile users.

Checking your basic mobile readiness is simple. Go to this website ( ) and enter your URL. If you’re ready, you should see a message telling you the good news. You will even see a screenshot of how the site is viewed on mobile. If not, you should get some tips on what needs to be changed.

Some of these fixes are pretty easy like text sizes and spacing and images. But, if you use Flash, a layout that does not conform to mobile viewing, non-breakable tables, or custom programming that is not viewable on phones or tablets the change becomes more difficult, and frankly, costly.

Do your potential or current customers need to view your website on mobile? Now is the time to plan on making the migration to a responsive design to ensure your website works on all devices. Protect your earned search engine ranking, or possibly move up by getting your site mobile ready! Contact BeBizzy Consulting today to see how you can make sure you’re ready for the mobile web.

Then, leave the technical stuff to us.


Demographics of Social Media Users

Demographics of Social Media Users

media-998990_960_720Still think this whole internet marketing fad will blow over and there’s no need to consider it when spending your advertising dollars? Maybe you’re hoping that marketing budget containing only TV and newspaper will carry the day?

Well, here’s some food for thought. According to an article from the PEW Research Center, 72% of adult internet users are on Facebook. That’s 62% of the ENTIRE adult population in the US. LinkedIn, widely considered to be the place to conduct business on the internet is visited by 22% of the entire adult population in the US. Twitter is 20%, Instagram is 24%, and even Pinterest is 26%!

Some other interesting statistics are:

  • 15% of internet users read or comment in discussion forums such as Reddit. Men are more likely than women.
  • Pinterest & Instgram have doubled their usage since 2012.
  • 91% of Facebook users access the system at least weekly.
  • Instagram weekly use is 76%, Twitter is 59%, and LinkedIn is 52%.

Some of these numbers sound small, but when you consider there are 325 million people in the United States, and 88% of them have internet access, the numbers are quite staggering. As you can see, social media is where your customers are. Smartphones and tablets make the mobile web and social apps easy to access anytime, anywhere. Is your website easily visible by mobile devices? Are you advertising your goods or services to these social users in a way that’s easily shared?

Are your competitors?

Get a head start on your local or national competitors by developing your responsive website, doing some basic online account maintenance, and marketing your business online. If you need some help, contact BeBizzy Consulting and we would be happy to sit down and discuss your online presence and see where we can help.

The, leave the technical stuff to us.

Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Review

samsungs7_curveThe. Perfect. Phone.

I’ve read and listened to several reviews of the S7 in the last few days and that’s the general feeling I’ve gotten from them. And now that I finally have my hands on one, I totally agree!

I’ve moved to this phone from the Samsung Note 5, and those of you that know me know I am a huge fan of that platform. I don’t use the S-Pen as much as I should on the phone, but I love the large form factor and feel of the phone.

But the S7, and especially the S7 Edge which I have, is close in size when compared to the Note 5 and the battery is exactly the same size so there will be some adjustment to a smaller phone, but it hopefully will be minimal.

The S7 also has what’s been called the best mobile screen available with its 5.1″ Super AMOLED screen. My favorite feature is the return of the micro-SD card. I’m a DJ and love to have music on my phone as a backup in case my external HDD fails at an event. The S7 now supports micro-SD cards up to 200GB, so my 128GB card should not be a problem!

And the stock camera app is FAST. The camera is a step down in mega-pixels to 12 from 16 but should be adequate. Grabbing moving objects like pets was no issue, with little or no blur. And the low-light capture feature is amazing. I’m excited to test in low-light wedding venues in the coming months.

Throw in a 3000mAH battery on the S7, and a huge 3600mAH battery on the S7 Edge, and you have a pretty close to perfect phone. Oh, did I mention both phones are water resistant?

For a more complete list of specs, check out the full list at the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S7 page at Verizon Wireless. The S7 Edge specs are here.

Then, follow me on Twitter @BeBizzy to let me know what you think or to see some of the awesome photos I will take with the Samsung Galaxy S7.  I can’t wait!

Samsung S7 and S7 Edge Review from The Verge

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, I received mobile devices with line of service from Verizon (#ad). No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise a positive review. All opinions are my own. By the way, we meet every Friday @ 2pm CT on Twitter to discuss mobile phones and how you can use them in your daily lives. Join us! 



Marketing Your Business Online

Marketing Your Business Online

contentiskingAs a business owner it’s tough to decide where the marketing budget goes. That is especially true for small businesses in a market like Bismarck, Mandan, or one of the many other small cities in North Dakota.

However, online marketing and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others are making it easier to reach targeted customers by using specific age, sex, location and other factors.

How much time and/or money should you be spending on your online marketing budget? A lot of that depends on your need to acquire new customers, the type of goods or services you are offering, and your abilities to put time or money towards a successful online campaign.

Today I’d like to cover some very, very, VERY basic guidelines for marketing your business online in search engines and social networking sites.

And don’t forget, BeBizzy Consulting can do all of this for you!
  • Overall – Find common elements like the same images, colors, and message on multiple locations. You should try to use the same logo, header images, colors and profile pictures on every site unless it’s absolutely impossible.
  • Google, Bing and other Search Engines – Claim your business! Most sites have a way for you to say you own a business and have some control over what’s shown here like hours of operation, location, photos and more.
  • Facebook – Create a page, not your personal feed. At some point you will want to share things that should’t be on that business page like baby photos, political opinions or borderline inappropriate content.
  • Twitter – Although limited in the amount of characters you can use, Twitter is a great way to 1) create backlinks to your content, and 2) reach a demographic that spends less time in Facebook
  • LinkedIn – A great vehicle if you’re selling B2B. Set up your business site and encourage you and your employees to set up personal profiles including your business and its services.
  • Your Website – Make sure it’s responsive or has a mobile version and/or app. More and more customers conduct a majority of their online lives on mobile devices, make sure you can reach them.

This is a lot of work, but if it’s done right and it’s done often enough an be a very effective acquisition tool for your business.

Below is an infographic that displays a few small business online marketing trends. Check them out then make some changes to your online presence. OR, contact BeBizzy Consulting and let’s discuss your internet marketing needs, then leave the technical stuff to us!

Online Marketing for Small Businesses #InfographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan

Why You Need a Responsive Website

Why You Need a Responsive Website

responsiveFor the last few years, whether I’ve been working for an advertising agency or now at BeBizzy Consulting, the main question is, “why do I need a new website?

The answers are numerous, but one stands out above all the rest… your site needs to be responsive.

By definition, responsive sites provide a similar experience to visitors regardless of the device or resolution on which they view the site. What that really means is that whether the users hits the site on their desktop or on their smarphone the information should be similar. Not exactly the same, as the screen sizes are vastly different, but similar.

The arguments to spend the money on responsive design are many, including:

  • Nearly 60% of American adults use a smartphone, and almost that same amount of internet traffic is performed by mobile devices. Your site needs to be viewed on these devices with a positive experience.
  • The smartphone is the new phone book. Every year we get a phone book delivered, but how many times do you look contact information up on your smartphone instead of dusting off a large, alphabetical listing? Responsive sites provide an easy way to get your contact information front and center on your page even to mobile users.
  • If B2B, more millenials are doing research on your companies and using mobile devices.
  • Huge difference in computer sizes. I use two 23″ monitors, some use a single 27″, and then there’s the mobile guy who uses a 12″ laptop. All need a similar experience.
  • Does your competition have a responsive site yet? If they do, they are getting leads from mobile users. If they do not, YOU can get a jump on them and get more leads.
  • If you are doing any sort of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it’s much easier to optimize for one site than for two. Send everyone to the same page for the same information and focus marketing dollars instead of splitting and spending extra money to reach both audiences.
  • Google, who owns nearly 70% of the search market, states that responsive web design is an industry best practice.
  • And finally, nearly 75% of consumers bring their smartphone to the bathroom. Talk about a captive audience.

So on to the next question. How much will this cost?rwd

Not as much as you would think, with BeBizzy Consulting anyways. All of our development is built on the WordPress CRM system. The code is installed in our shared server environment, backed up nightly, secured and kept updated by some great software, and is incredibly easy to navigate and edit. Best of all, the themes we purchase and use are all responsive and have been tested on many devices across many browsers to ensure your potential clients are getting to you regardless of which device is used.

So what’s the next step? Well, contacting us would be the best, easiest next step towards determining if you need to complete the migration to a responsive site. There are definitely a few more items to be concerned about like current SEO efforts and other special coding that may exist. If you want to do some checking for yourself I would suggest making a list of competitors or businesses similar in other areas and checking their websites. If you’re seeing others already configured for responsive, you’re already behind. If not, it’s a chance to jump out front and potentially capture some market share.

Responsive web design is not new, nor will it be going anywhere soon. Designing a site that’s capable to be displayed on virtually any device and display similar information is huge in minimizing the cost of multiple SEO campaigns and managing several versions of one site. Contact BeBizzy Consulting and let’s see how we can move you towards that mobile-friendly website. You decide what you want on the site, then leave the technical stuff to us.


What is WordPress

What is WordPress

wordpress-logoYou need a website, right?

So to get one, you’ll need to do a little research online, find a company or agency that “does” them, pay a designer to create some page templates, pay a programmer to create the pages from the ground up, and wait months and months for all of this to get done… then make changes.

Or… you could use WordPress.

WordPress had its beginnings as an easy way to host a blog and if you knew a few technical things you could create a few pages to flesh out the rest of the site. But now, WordPress is the single largest tool used to create websites on the internet. In fact, around 26% of ALL OF THE SITES ON THE INTERNET are done on WordPress. Narrow that to sites that have content management systems, and that number jumps to nearly 60%.

So what does all of this mean? First the bad. It means that if you can hack WordPress sites you MAY have the ability to hack nearly 26% of the websites in the world. But that’s not entirely true. The vulnerable sites contain outdated code, pirated or compromised plugins, or free themes. They can also have pages that were designed custom and have not been updated or put through any security audits. And finally, they can be hosted on virtually any server that runs PHP and a few other things.

But don’t let lazy security issues keep you away from WordPress. First of all, ANY server or website that doesn’t have security enabled or updates performed at a regular basis is at risk. At BeBizzy Consulting we develop all of our websites using WordPress and use the following options to reduce the risk or compromise:

  • We have a tool called ManageWP installed on our computers, tablets and smartphones that allow us to update ALL of our sites several times per day.
  • The same tool informs us when SPAM comments are made on these sites AND allows us to clear them out with one keystroke as well as keep the sites databases clear of overhead data.
  • Another tool is loaded with all sites to check for malicious code on a regular schedule. If any is found an email is generated to BeBizzy so the files can be removed and/or repaired.
  • Yet another tool runs on every site and performs periodic scans on files AND notifies BeBizzy via email with every successful and unsuccessful login to the dashboard.
  • Themes are purchased through reliable, trusted sources and all photos are purchased through an iStockPhoto account.
  • The hosting account includes daily backups of the sites which are downloaded to local storage twice a month. This ensures that if something does emerge on one of the sites, strategic updates can replace the malicious files.

So as you can see, hosting a site where it can be monitored and updated on a regular basis is a huge benefit when using a powerful tool like WordPress. And speaking of power, check out these other features of the world’s largest CMS:

  • Themes make changing the look of your site as easy as copying some files and activating the new theme.
  • Blog posts and other pages can be created visually in an interface that’s as easy to use as Word or your email program.
  • Integrate your social media accounts into your site without hours and hours of coding.
  • Easily control who has access to what within your site and even within your admin dashboard.
  • Drag and drop your photos or other media onto the Media Library and it gets uploaded and easily shared.
  • Thousands of plugins have been developed to make shopping carts, booking calendars and  sharing available with very little coding.
  • Self-manage your SEO by either installing plugins or controlling your page descriptions, tags and other information right on the page or post.
  • Want visitors to comment on your page or post? It’s built in by default!
  • Easy integration of Google Analytics, Adsense and other tools to make reporting and analysis easier.

Still not sold that WordPress can house your website? Check out this list of world-class sites hosted on the WordPress platform.

So what are you waiting for? Contact BeBizzy Consulting today to talk about how we can bring your website, SEO and other technical visions to life. You know your business, leave the technical stuff to us.


Manage Multiple WordPress Installations with ManageWP

Manage Multiple WordPress Installations with ManageWP

Most of you have one, maybe two websites that you are in charge of to run updates, clean out comments, or back up the site on occasion.

Most of you, again, do all of this manually, or in some cases, never, and it’s a scramble to recover when something bad happens.

But what if you could manage dozens of sites all from once place and even get recommendations on your site for SEO and other great information?

ManageWP is that tool. It’s a small plugin that you install to your WP site, then log into the website or Android/iOS app to see and conduct any necessary tasks. From this central spot you can:

  • List and/or group your sites into easy-to-manage bundles.
  • Update all your themes and plugins right from the dashboard.
  • See all of your recent comments and manage SPAM comments from here.
  • With the proper account you can back up the site from the dashboard to Dropbox, Amazon S2 or other service.
  • This tool can even help you clone or migrate the site to a new host or other location.
  • Advanced programs can even help with SEO (search engine optimization).

Pricing is based on the needs of the site(s), length of contract payment, and number of sites managed but compared to the hours of wasted time logging into each site and updating, the cost is minimal.

I don’t know how I managed all the sites I managed for as long as I did without ManageWP, so get signed up today. But if you just want to hand off the management completely, I would be happy to add this to my ManageWP system and take care of the updates and other systems as well, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

Using Microsoft Office on your Mobile Device

Using Microsoft Office on your Mobile Device

Microsoft_Office_2013_logo.svgOne of the major obstacles to moving towards tablets and other mobile devices, especially for non-Millennials, is the dependence on software products, especially Microsoft Office.

Most of us have created a Word document, spreadsheet in Excel, or even a PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft Office. In fact, I was surprised to find that the popular one version of Microsoft Office (Office 365) had TRIPLED its market share in just one year (7.7% to 25.2%). And like it or not, Office is still the weapon of choice when it comes to business documents ahead of Google Docs or other choices.

When Microsoft updated their mobile version of Office in both Android and iOS tablets and phones recently it brought the old company into the 21st Century and made it realistic to use non-Microsoft mobile devices as a valid business tool.

So grab your tablet and log into Google Play to install these great apps. I will suggest using a Bluetooth keyboard (I use the Logitech k480 keyboard) and even a Bluetooth mouse (Microsoft Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000) to really make the experience as good possible.

Below is a quick description of each Office app with Google Play download links along with some tips where needed. I even included a few lesser-known Microsoft apps for your pleasure. Keep in mind most of these apps will be free in their full versions as long as you have an Office 365 account. Let me know your thoughts of using the apps, or if you have any questions that pop up! Send them to @BeBizzy on Twitter, or use the comment section below.

Microsoft Word is the document type of choice for most businesses. It’s easy to track changes, easy to format, and very powerful in it’s publishing and security capabilities. Nearly every editable document you will receive from anyone will be in a Word format. Add to that easy conversion of completed documents to PDF and you have a very powerful business tool at your fingertips.

Everyone’s favorite spreadsheet application comes to mobile devices. The only limitation I have found is the ability to create and sometimes use pivot tables is lost or decreased in the mobile version. Otherwise, formulas, data entry and other functions all seem to perform just like the desktop version.

Who hasn’t had to either present or sit through a PowerPoint in their business career? Now create, save and even present your great ideas by using this mobile version and send straight to a Chromecast or other enabled device to be viewed by the general masses in your meeting.

I’ve only recently added this application to my devices after initially installing and not liking. Recent upgrades are close, but still not perfect. However, I’ve added four email accounts with some luck, and am so far impressed with the performance. Easy access to the calendar is a big deal, even using Google email accounts, and the look on a tablet is very close to the desktop version. The final big benefit is the ability to log into several cloud services to attach or save documents quickly. These services include OneDrive, Dropbox and, all of which I use on a daily basis.

One tip is that if you are setting up an email account that’s not Gmail, exchange or Microsoft 365, or Yahoo enabled you may have to include the port numbers in your inbound and outbound servers. For example, use if the SSL port for your service is 993.

OneNote is my favorite note-taking application, even above Evernote. The ability to create multiple notebooks, multiple folders and documents containing text, handwriting (great on a Samsung Note 10.1 and Note 5), and images is a wonderful way to keep your notes. Sharing is very easy as well so you can send random thoughts, to-do lists and more to co-workers quickly through the app. OneNote automatically syncs and all of your notes appear magically on other devices that are logged into the same account, making backups less of a dramatic need, and keeping your notes are your fingertips regardless of which device you are using.

This is Microsoft’s cloud service. Most of the products automatically log into OneDrive to open or save documents automatically, and that allows easy transfer between your other devices, and also to share with other users. There are different levels of storage space available based on subscription type and price.

Office Lens
My favorite alternative Office mobile app! This is a great app that uses your camera to take photos of a screen, printed sheet, or whiteboard and allows you to easily edit that photo to be saved and/or included in other documents. It will even straighten the photo, or remove background noise if needed. Great business app!

I’ve tried other office services like Google Apps and others, but now having access to the familiar Microsoft Office for my business and personal use is nothing short of magical. Gone are the days of installing third-party apps that covert documents or create a different, limited version of the Office document types, only needing to be converted later to office formats. Gone are the days of having to handle a document to a third-party cloud service to ensure it’s available across devices. Microsoft Office has arrived… again, and you should take another look.

Got any other tips for using Office or other apps on tablets?   Send them to me @BeBizzy on Twitter!

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, I received mobile devices with line of service from Verizon. No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise a positive review. All opinions are my own.



Best Android Business Apps for 2016

Best Android Business Apps for 2016

mobile-phone-998871_960_720Most of us do some work either away from our office or in our home. As a result more and more we are conducting business on our tablets and mobile phones over wi-fi or cellular networks.

In the past that meant trying to shoehorn common office tasks done by brand-name software into a process that edited or transformed them into something else so the mobile devices could read or edit them. But that’s no longer the case. Microsoft Office and other platforms are now universal and make working out of the office much easier. Couple that with some amazing apps specific to business uses and your phone or tablet is a powerful business tool.

Below are some of my favorite apps and their uses for Android phones. I have many, if not all, of these installed on my iPad as well. Check these out, and share your favorite business apps with me @BeBizzy on Twitter or below in the comments so 2016 can be the most productive year ever!

Notes and Meetings – Like it or not, meetings are the way of today’s business. Luckily online meetings are becoming a bigger part of the meeting landscape which allows multi-tasking, easier note taking and recording of the meetings. Check out a few of these apps to enhance your meeting experience.

OneNote – My favorite note taking app from Microsoft. Having a Microsoft account allows you to share the same notes across all platforms (PC, phone, tablet), keep multiple “notebooks” and chose from a number of formats.

WebEx & – Odds are that if you’re attending an online meeting you’re using one of these three tools. All three offer screen sharing and even communicating right through the device.

Office Lens – This is one of my favorite apps. It’s an easy way from Microsoft to photograph a document, visual slide or marker board, clean up and enhance the image, and save to be shared.

Chromecast – If you have a Chromecast device and want to share your screen through a wi-fi connection, Chromecast is the easier method. Share directly to a flat screen TV or projection with the touch of a button.

Google Drive – An easy way to share or collaborate on documents

Dropbox – My favorite way to save documents and share if needed. It’s very easy to limit who has access and even for how long. One of the few tools I subscribe to monthly.

Time/Cost Tracking and Tasks – Even if you don’t own a business you will most likely be responsible to track time, projects and productivity. The below apps will allow you to easily to do this and more.

Milebug – I’ve been tracking my mileage on Milebug for years. It allows multiple starting points, destinations, vehicles and reasons so you can track almost anything. It also provides an easy way to export the data for reporting needs.

Shoeboxed – Great way to save, upload, categorize and report on receipts. Generates great monthly or yearly looks at categories which can easily be made to match your company’s cost centers or the tax codes.

GTasks – This is a better way to access Google Tasks through widgets on multiple screens

Jiffy – Need a way to track time spent on individual tasks or projects? Jiffy does that and more.

Google Analytics – Want to see how your websites and campaigns are performing? Google Analytics provides a great view into this and more.

Office and Other Documents – Microsoft Office is the universal document system. That, along with mail and other events are an important part of the business process.

Microsoft Office – If you have a valid subscription Microsoft Office is available to install on your mobile devices to create, view and/or edit Office documents right on your phone or tablet. Tools available are Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

TypeMail – The best mail app available for Android and iPhones. Allows for multiple accounts, signatures and widgets to handle all mailing needs.

LastPass – All of these applications and softwares require passwords, and LastPass allows all of these passwords to be more secure and easier to create and retrieve.

News and Media – Many of us like to stay informed about our areas of expertise and the internet has made this much easier that waiting for industry specific publications to be mailed monthly. Use the apps below to follow your favorite people and/or business verticals.

Pocket Casts – Great podcast app. Find your favorite audio or video podcast and subscribe. Keeps everything organized across multiple devices.

Pocket – Need to save a website to read for later? Pocket will do this, sync across devices and platforms, and categorize them for easy sorting.

LinkedIn – Great social media app providing contacts, news, groups and other information unique to your circle.

Hootsuite – Most of us are on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Hootsuite allows you to see of this in one place, post to them collectively (or a single platform), and organize according to lists or other criteria.

There you have it. A few of my favorite apps to make my device more useful to conduct business. Let me know below or @BeBizzy on Twitter if you have any to add to this list!

In addition to these, I use screens unique to personal and business functions by utilizing the widgets, contacts and other links to applications. Keep everything organized on your devices and you will become more productive in 2016 as well!

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, I received a mobile phone and with line of service from Verizon. No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise a positive review. All opinions are my own.