Robert Scoble’s Facebook Lesson

Robert Scoble’s Facebook Lesson

scobleAre you frustrated with Facebook?  Tired of getting junk in your timeline and missing your friends’ updates?

Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer), a giant in the tech and social media world, thinks he has cracked the code on how to make Facebook as good as it can possibly be.

Leo Laporte (@leolaporte), another tech, social media and podcasting giant, has a show on his TWiT Network called Triangulation and invited Robert on to discuss his ideas and how they will finally make Facebook a fun, useful place to be.

Some of the principals include NOT liking a ton of stuff, making lists and really making sure you want to listen to them.

So, if you have an hour to listen to Leo and Robert, and another hour or so to change your Facebook experience entirely, check out the episode of Triangulation below.

If you go through Scoble’s steps, let me know how it worked for you @BeBizzy on Twitter!

Download and/or view the episode at TWiT.Tv.

Drippler (Android & iOS)

Drippler (Android & iOS)

dripplerThose of us who love installing (and uninstalling) new apps on a regular basis are always looking for a new and easier way to find the best and the upcoming apps.

Drippler is an app that provides a personalized tech news feed on a scheduled basis.  The feed takes a look at the type of phone you are using then sends you updates on apps, accessories, news and other info related to your phone and operating system.

Then set the app to display drips on a weekly, daily or as-posted basis.  Change the font, whether you want game drips or not, then sit back and enjoy the goodness.  There are reports of users discovering free accessories for their phones, and other users discovering powerful uses for their devices they never would have known otherwise.

Drippler is available for both android_app_on_play_large and Available_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40_0824.  For a brief demo check out the video below.

Have other apps like Drippler that I should know about?  Send them to me @BeBizzy on Twitter!

Get Office Mobile To Work On Your Android Tablet

Get Office Mobile To Work On Your Android Tablet

officemobileThere’s a lot of buzz today around the new iPhone, and rightfully so.  I hope to have one of these beautiful machines in my hands in the coming weeks just like millions of other tech-heads.

But today I was reminded why I am an Android fan.

Many of you have installed Microsoft Office Mobile on your android phones, iOS devices and, of course, Windows tablets.  Unfortunately the android tablets have been left out of the fun.  But with android, there’s always a way and at 6:30am I was able to install Office Mobile on my Samsung 10.1 tablet from my HTC OneM8 with an easy process of copying the .apk file from my phone, installing in on my tablet, and installing another app that allowed me to use Office in landscape mode.

Here’s what you will need: (more…)