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Responsive Design

Shoppers are using their smartphones prior to making a decision on where to spend their money.


Customized Hosting

Basic hosting with options to enhance page load speeds and security with optimization and SSL’s.


Local Search Listings

Optimize your local search listings to help get your message out to Bismarck, or the internet in general.


Motorola Moto Z Droid Smartphone

Most Olympic swimming events are decided by tenths, even hundredths of seconds. During this Olympic cycle there have even been several ties for medals as there was literally no way to separate athletes as they came to the wall. And then there were the races that had...
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Right Time To Move To A Phablet?

Most of us have used cell phones, or more recently, smartphones in our daily life. In recent years, our phones have replaced our computers as our go-to internet device, our communication device, even our entertainment device. Even more recently companies like Samsung,...
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Simplify Your Life With Google Tasks

We’re getting to that time when summer is coming to a close, vacations are wrapping up, and school is on the horizon for many families. On top of that, soon it will be the holiday season, sports, school meetings and conferences, and oh yeah, work. How will you...
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Blog Break – 7/27/16 – Kickstarter, Tumblr & Tony Robbins

Today’s tech and business to read over lunch are : Amazon Debuts a Dedicated Shop for Kickstarter Products – TechCrunch  Tumblr Users Will Soon See Ads On Their...
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Website Launch – Rock Point

Rock Point opened earlier this year on the Mandan side of the Missouri River and has featured outstanding live music acts like Parmalee and Pop Evil. Now Rock Point has launched a BeBizzy Consulting developed website that is responsive to mobile devices, shows...
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